Chasing Lines

I am going back to the Czech Republic. This time, with a mission.

When my mother’s family came here, it was with very little. They arrived, found work, moved, and created lives that would intertwine just enough to create the family that I was born into. But where did they come from? What families did they leave behind for the sake of opportunity? Did they find what they were looking for here in this new country? As far as anything I’ve been told, the family that arrived here never saw the family that remained behind again. What a cruel thing, it’s like a living death of those you love. I’ve always wanted to know if it was worth it. I know as much as I can about the branches once they built lives in America, but my heart wouldn’t rest until I knew more about where they started.

It is for that reason that I devoted countless hours of research and translation that made for the skeleton of what my mom and I would take to Prague with us this second time in pursuit of our history. Call it a pilgrimage...